Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Birthday - April 3rd!

My birthday started off as any normal day. I was sleeping comfortably in my mommy's tummy - still debating on when to join the world. I was feasting on leftovers of queso, chips, and of course, a dash of jelly beans. Every growing little boy needs a well balanced diet which includes sugary treats. I knew I would be forced to settle with milk in the new world - so I felt I would just take my sweet time going down the tunnel.

Around 5am I woke up to feel some movement. This can't be it! I am not ready! Don't force me to go! My scheduled induction is not until next Tuesday - I still have four more days of jelly beans and milkshakes!

There was no turning back at this point. God and my great grandfather had already chosen my birthday. It was set in stone. Thinking god had given me a few more days to relax, the truth finally came out. I was destined to share my great grandfather's birthday - the real reason I was 5 days late!

The delivery wasn't so bad. It was rather a quick and pain free process. I started coming down the tunnel at 3 and was out by 3:30pm. My mom did great!
My birthday was a great birthday. I got to finally meet my mommy and daddy. I have been hearing their voices for almost 10 months and finally I got to meet them in person. It was definately a day to remember. Happy Birthday Me!

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